• Song:

    American Folk Song

  • Artist:

    Warren Sroka

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American Folk Song by Warren Sroka 
G  320033
Em 022033
D  000232
C  032033 

Intro: G Em x3

Verse 1:
G                       D                              C        
The days are getting shorter; the wind has found her teeth, 
I think I’m supposed to be somewhere back east
G       D                  C               Em                    G
And I drive alone with my mind, fighting thoughts of this kind
        D                  C                                    
In the darkness all these naked empty streets
I’m free to just breathe.
G                 D                        C                                            
She said oh, the king of random phone calls, 
I explained its just this time a' year
G                    D                      C             Em                      
These awkward conversations is constant isolations, and this town is bringing me down

G      C       Em      C 
Just another American folk song
G        C    Em      D       G
Written for another American girl
G      C       Em       C
Just another American dreamer
G      C      Em   D        G
Just another American    fall

Verse 2:
G             D                   C                  Em                                  
So drop me a line ohh if you can find the time, 
I'd love to hear just where you've ended up
G              D             C          Em                            
Just happy he’s rest at your door, do you ever think about us anymore.


Verse 3:
G           D                         C                                        
So bar down with this, flesh and bone, 
I'm not supposed to feel quite this alone
G           D                 C                                                
Miss this clutter, watch me stutter step and fall,
I haven't strength to get back up
G           D               C         Em                      G
Cause I am empty, floating loveless, cut me and I’ll bleed only dust

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