• Song:

    I See The Lights

  • Artist:

    Warren Zevon

  • Album:

    The First Sessions

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I See the Lights

          C#m            D 
I see the traffic in the streets
           C#m                            D
I hear the songs subways sang beneath our feet
          F#m                  G
And is it rain or tears that I feel
        F#m                      G
Upon my face, the cities seems unreal
          A  D              A  D
I see the lights, I see the lights
               A                        C#m
But there’s no warmth or shelter in the night

People pass me on the way
And they see my eyes are filled with yesterday
When you wear here, I felt your heart beat near
Now the dark side’s never clear


               Bm                       A
I’ve been this way before, a thousand times or more
And though the places are the same the faces are all yours, oh

Chorus + Verse 1 + Chorus
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