• Song:

    Tules Blues

  • Artist:

    Warren Zevon

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Tule`s Blues - Previously Unissued Solo Piano Versjon..

G   D        G               C                    G  
Oh Tule, it's on account of you that I've been weeping 

D              Em

Here behind my hand 

C                           G              C             D
It's lonesome in my heart's land, as the sands of the desert

Repeat for second verse

D                    C                   D       C     G      
It's a sad song we always seem to be singing to each other
        C                             Bm 
You and me, sweet and slightly out of key 
          Em                         C       G C G
Like the sound of a running down calliope

Tricky rythm, but a bit of practice goes a long way.
Made easier for guitar, but still works.
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