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From:   Marty McNab [yu146949@YorkU.CA]
Sent:   Wednesday, December 24, 1997 5:55 PM

Song:   "34 Dead Street"
written and performed by the Watchmen
on the album "In the Trees", transcribed by Marty McNab.
You'll have to listen to the song to get the hang of it.

12/8 timing  [12 beats (3+3+3+3)] 

Intro and Verses:

E5(7th fret) and G5(10th fret).
[E5 E5 E5 G5]

1st Chorus: 
[E(5)  B5] [A(5)  C#5  B5]    x2  then [ G5   A5 ]   

2nd Chorus: 

[E(5)  B5]  [A(5)  C#5  B5]  [E(5)  B5]  .... A   B5  C#  

Alternate Chorus: ("Hey what do ya want ... (me to do)")

[A  B5]  [E(7th fret)  A] x3  then [A  B5  G5  A5]


started by Bass,  Guitar plays on A string [E5  F#5  G5  A5]


 [G               A5]      [D    G]
Hey...What do ya want .... Hey!!    

 [G               A5}      [E5  F#5  G5  A5] (like last riff)
Hey...What do ya want      yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah 

(then the first line again).

 [G               A5]  
Hey .. What do ya waaaant!

back to intro riff to finish.

Lyrics:  (taken from the Watchmen Homepage)

There once was a feeling that all was
wrong. I'm a shattered young fighter
with hands golden tired I take another
round. Resigned to dealing that all is

Fights have gone down by the side of the
road, then candy's done picked me up
out of the cold. If it's a love-quest then I
fear to stay around. If it's a slugfest
then I'm too bad to be around here.

What do you want me to do?

Any Comments/Suggestions, e-mail me at yu146949@yorku.ca
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