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From ubvchile@reuna.cl Mon Apr  8 14:47:56 1996
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 96 10:45 SAT
To: guitar@nevada.edu
From: ubvchile@reuna.cl (Cooperacion Tecnica Sueca)
Subject: Tab: A man is in love by The Waterboys

A man is in love - The Waterboys

  G                   Am
1.  A man is in love    How do I know?
2.  A man is in love    How did I hear?
3.  A man is in love    How did I guess?

  G/B                              C
1.  He came and walked with me       And he told me so
2.  I here him talk to much          Whenever you're near
3.  I figuered it out while he was   Watching your dress

  D                         Bb                      G - C
1.  In a song he sang          And then I knew
2.  He whispered your name     When his eyes were closed
3.  He'd give you his all      ??????

  Fill       (F)               C
1.A man is in love    With     you
2.A man is in love    And he   knows
3.A man is in love    And he's me

   N.C.         F           C  
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