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Subject: Re: REQ: Waterboys' "This Is The Sea"
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In  eamon@netcom.com (Charles E Taggart) writes:

Sorry to post yet another REQ, but the subject says it all. Anybody got
this one?  Perhaps it's just laziness, but I'd rather see if someone else
has figured this one out before starting to slog through it myself. 
Currently working on "When Will We Be Married" from FISHERMAN'S BLUES, and
will post it if there's interest.

     Now, do not quote me on this, and I'm not very good on chord names
and I do not know the song too well but here is how I reckon it.

   E-----Eadd9----Asus2----Asus2 twidly bit...

   Hey, that explains loads!!! 

now to explain the chords cos I know I named them incorrectly.

   E   as a normal E

    Eadd9    ---------------------

   Asus2     --------

  The twidly bit is done by playing Asus2 and droping on to the bottom 
 e (high) string on and off  i.e.


  you see, on and off on the bottom string.

  And repeat and nauseum!!!

     I know this is probably the worst tab ever seen on the group,
   but if you have any problem or know what the real names of the chords
are, do post!!!

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