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From: euakan@eua.ericsson.se (Theo Kanter)
Subject: CRD:Hoochie Coochie Man -- Muddy Waters

Thanks for all the responses to my previous Muddy posts (Rock Me).
This is a real classic covered by at least EC on his latest album 'From
the Cradle'. EC plays it with a capo on the fifth position, other
people don't.

To make it sound right or at least stand a chance you will need a good
harp player like in 'Rock Me'. 

I have tried to minimize the body of text and listed the lyrics to
verses 1, 2 and 3 together above the chords of the 1st verse.  Just
memorize them until people can wake you up in the middle of the night
and your first words are 'The gypsy woman told my mother...' and you
are ready to roll ;-) In fact, you can't be reading from a piece of
paper during a gig now can you?

Later this week I will try and find time to type in the tab. Have fun,


------------------------------------ cut here -------------------------------------

~Title: Hoochie Coochie Man
Artist: Muddy Waters

{Comment: It was written by Willie Dixon}


| % 		| A		| A		| A		|

{Verse 1}

1. 	The Gypsy Woman told my mother,		Before I was born,
2.	I got a black cat bone,			I got a mojo too,
3.	On the seventh hours,			On the seventh day,
1. 	I gotta boy childs' comin',		He gonna be a son of a gun,
2.	I got the John the Conqueroo,		I'm gonna mess with you,
3.	On the seventh month,			The seven doctors say,
1. 	He gonna make pretty womens,		Jump and shout,
2.	I'm gonna make you girls,		Lead me by my hand,
3.	He was born for good luck,		And that you'll see,
| A					| A					|

1. 	Then the world wanna know,	What's it all about.	Cuz you know I'm 
2.	Then the world will know,	The Hoochie Coochie Man. But you know I'm 
3.	I got seven hundred dollars,	And don't you mess with me. But you know I'm
| A					| A7					|


him, 		Everybody knows I'm him		Well you know the
| D		| D		| A7		| A7		|
Hoochie Coochie Man, 		Every body knows I him.
| E9		| D7		| A7		| A7	E7	:|

{Verse 2}


{Verse 3}



* John the Conqueroo and mojo = Louisiana voodoo charms

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