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From: chad@ais.net (Chad Hendrickson)

"Get Back To Radio" by Roger Waters

Transcribed by Chad Hendrickson (chad@ais.net)

[Intro] C  Dm  F   C

        C                    Dm  
Like an ember glowin' in the dark
F                   C         G
I have almost grown cold
              C                     Dm
Frozen like a soldier standin' by a flag pole
Am                                  F
Like the fire they all said was too warm
            C      G7             C
I have been tempted to hand in my keys
G7             C
But I am not alone
I feel you are with me
Am                                 F
I will not be a packet of crap on MTV
       C                      G7
I am a man, I will not be a number
                C                   G7
Get back to radio, get back to radio

[sax solo] C  Dm  F  C  G7

Now I am a flame
I will be a fire again
F                          C
Carolyn Anne, give me your hand
Like a volcano gettin' ready to blow
Am                               F
The new generation waits by it's radio
God bless Bob Geldof
G7              C                  G7
Get back to radio, get back to radio, get back

[sax ending] C  Dm  F  C  G7  C  Dm  F  C  (fade)

Please send any comments or corrections to chad@ais.net

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