• Song:

    Mirror Of Your Mind (Chords)

  • Artist:

    We The People

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An ace punker from Florida's legendary We The People, described by Don
Waller as 'not so much released, but escaped'.

You can probably tell how much I care... but for the record, writer/singer
Tommy Talton went on to record as half of Cowboy, whose 'Please Be With Me'
was covered by Eric Clapton on _461 Ocean Boulevard_.  However, if you're
more interested in demented raveups than AOR snoozefests, there's plenty
more where this came from at


... and you are commanded to buy ALL of it - or at least _Here 'Tis #7_ (dist.
by Sundazed) for the interview with WTP co-leader Wayne Proctor.  -- AWR

                         "Mirror Of Your Mind"
                             (Tommy Talton)


	[4X; harmonica and band enter 2nd time]

	 v       v       v       v

	[electric piano (2-4); continue into verse]

	 A7                          D
	 /       /       /       /   /

Verse 1:

	What a pretty face
	What a pretty smile
	But you can't hide nothin', girl
	And I will tell you why
	It's your eyes
	It's your looks
	It's your...    face


	             B              A
	They're the mirror of your mind
	             B              A
	They're the mirror of your mind
	         B                A
	You can try a long, long time
	               F#   G    A
	But you can't hide

[repeat intro riff, 2X]

Verse 2:

	Don't forget to remember
	I been kind to you
	Please give me help and
	Let me love you too
	It's your eyes
	It's those looks
	It's that face

[repeat chorus]

[repeat intro riff, 2X]


	(1-bar drum/bass break)

	They're reflectin' all the little things
	That you been thinkin' about
	You're lettin' all your little secrets just, just
	Slip on out... out, out

[repeat chorus]

Instrumental break:

	(10-bar guitar/harmonica solo on A7)

[repeat verse 2]

[repeat chorus]


	(8-bar guitar/harmonica solo on A7; end cold)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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