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Weakerthans - A New Name for Everything 

Tabbed by Dan Winchester

Intro: G Em D C

         G                                            Em
When the bus-shelter windows and napkin-dispensers surprise 
        D                                                 C
with distorted reflections, it's never the someone you're hoping to recognize. 
         G                                               Em
When the rent is too high living here between reasons to live, 
        D                                                   C
and you can't sleep alone, and your memories groan, and the borders of night start to give. 

C    D   G     C             
When you can't save 
C                          D                           
cash or conviction; you're broke and you're breaking-a 
G                   C
tired shoelace or a wave. 
   C                      D                       G
So long past, past-due. A new name for everything. 


         G                                               Em
When the one-ways collude with the map that you folded wrong, 
        D                                               C
and the route you abandoned is always the path that you probably should be upon. 
         G                                               Em
When the bottle-cap ashtrays and intimate's ears are all full 
       D                                                        C
with results of your breath, and the threads of your fear are unfurled with the tiniest pull. 

C   D    G     C 
One more time, try. 
C                             D                        
Stand with your hands in your pockets and stare at the 
G                     C
smudge on a newspaper sky, 
    C                D                       G
and ask it to rain a new name for everything. 


Em   D     C                  D                   C
Fire every phrase. They don't want to work for us anymore. 
Em      D        C               D                    C
Dot and Dash our days. Make your face the flag of a semaphore. 

G Em D C  
G Em D C

C   D   G     C
All you won't show. 
    C                          D                        
The boxes you brought here and never unpacked are still 
G                    C
patiently waiting to go. 
   C                        D                    
So put on those clothes you never grew into, and 
G                          C
smile like you mean it for once. 
   C                      D                 G
If you come back, bring a new name for everything.

G D C C  x4    

End on G
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