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    Is This Love

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    Here I Go Again: The Wh...

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Tom :E

  ( E9  - B9  - C9  )  
Should've known better 

Than let you go alone 

Is time like these   can make it own my own 

Waistless days and sleepless nights 
( C7M  - Bm7  - Am7 - G7M  - F7M  ) 
And I can wait to see you again 

( E9 - B9 - C9 ) 
If I'd spend my time 

Waiting on you call 

How can I tell you baby  my back is againt the wall

I need you by my side to tell me  it's all right 
( C7M      Bm7   Am7  G7M   F7M )
'Cause I don't think I can take any more 
( C9  - D/C  -Bm7 )
Is this love  that I'm feeling 
 ( C7M   Bm7   Am7   G7M )
Is this the love     that I've been searching for
( C9   D/C    Bm7 )
Is it love   or am I dreaming?

This must be love 
 ( C7M  Bm7   Am7  G7M    F7M )
'Cause it really     got a hold on me ,  a hold on me...

Can stop the feeling 

Never been this way before 

But with you I found the key to open any door 

I can feel my love for you going stronger day by day

I can wait to see you again 

So I can hold you arms ....

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