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Wrote this out in about half an hour for myself (after looking around and not being able 
find any chords for this song) and thought maybe it could be of use to others. :D
Feel free to notify me of any mistakes, some of the chords I'm a tad unsure of, but they 
sound mostly right.


B    F#m (twice)


A                      E                        F#m
Cross-legged on the front lawn she's had a bad pill
The lights of the city they can all go to hell
 F#m              D                              E
It'll all come good if she can put in the hours

A                       E                       F#m
She wants to get into film but it's gonna take years
She wishes she wrote songs like the ones that you hear
F#m                D                                 E
The boy's are all 20 and they leave her on the edge

                        B          F#m
And she's telling herself "They'll see,
             B            F#m
they'll see the beauty in me
    B           A                   E
They'll see the beauty it's in my soul"
             B            F#m
they'll see the beauty in me
    F            A                  E
They'll see the beauty it's in my soul"

Continue Verse chords for the following:

Her lift is waiting she'll be there soon
Rocking forwards and backwards eyeballing the moon
Unwired like a child of the rich

she's pretty and long and part of the scene
Playing with her phone like it's a rosary
Should get up and take them all on now

First she can tell them why she's so sad
Why this girl is crying
Of all the excuses she's ever had
Well she's nearly 20 and so very old
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