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e: Sun, 24 May 1998 03:38:44 GMT
From: Michael Coggins 
Subject: w/whitlams/four_hundred_miles_from_darwin.crd

400 Miles From Darwin - The Whitlams

Michael Coggins 

Words & Music: Tim Freedman

Gm  Bb  Dm  C

    Gm    Bb     Dm     C
We pay to shed a sombre tear
Together in the darkness here
One among the hundreds
Crying for the millions
When the houselights break the trance
Only then unclasp our hands
Compose ourselves and fix our hair
"We would have all been Schindler there."
F        Gm      Bb      C
Drive in silence quietly home
Now horror's more than skin and bone.

Gm  Bb  Dm  C

Gm   Bb     Dm     C
Can you see in 20 years
We'll pay to shed the same cheap tears
In a film about an island
Watch our hero take a stand
Pay our money gladly to wash our hands
F           Gm          Bb           C
Watching the movie we'll ask how the people might have -
Known, and let it happen there without a fight
Kept driving on quietly home
Left the Timorese alone
400 miles from Darwin.

Gm  Bb  Dm  C

Gm  Bb  Dm  C
The 2-minute hate is now the 3-hour love
With action left for God above
The Germans then could turn their heads
Now Indonesians and us, we sleep in bed

F    Gm   Bb    C
400 miles from Darwin
East Timor is dying.
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