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Chords: Christian Schlachter 

I can see it shining
  G5             E5
it?s coming for me
coming out of the night
everything is humming
    G5            E5
it?s scaring me now
it ain?t feeling right

G5                  A5
think I might just hide a while
G5            A5
wait for the night to return

dark and cold and lonely
is how I feel and it feels nice
I don?t want any company it just wouldn?t feel right

G5               A5
I used to be so happy 
        E5                   A5
I could smile and everything seemed to work out
Now my eyes are starting to close down
G5     E5      A5
I can see you again 
      D5             G5           E5              A5
in my dreams you?re starring my lost and lonely friend ...
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