• Song:

    I Learned From The Best

  • Artist:

    Whitney Houston

  • Album:

    Dance Vault Remixes - I...

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Title: I Learned From The Best

Artist: Whitney Houston
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Introd: F#m Eb  Bbm/F  E  Abm/Eb  Eb 

Abm	  Eb/G 
Did you really thing that 
F#	  Bbm/F 
I would really take you back 
E	Abm/Eb	     Eb 
Let you back in my heart one more time, oh no, no... 
Abm      Eb/G 
Did you think that I?d still care 
F#		Bbm/F 
That there?d be more feeling there 
E		       Abm/Eb		Eb 
Did you think you could walk back in my life 
C#m					Eb 
So you found you miss the love you threw away 
C#m					    Eb 
Baby, but you found it out too late... to late 
		   Abm	        Eb/G   F#6    Bbm/11/F 
And so now you know the way it feels to cry 
	Em7			Eb 
The way tat I cried when you broke may world in two 
	Abm	        Eb/G	F#6     Bbm/11/F 
Baby, I learned the way to break a heart 
    Em7		Eb		   F#6	Bbm/11/F 
I learned from the best, I learned from you 
       Em7	Eb 
Oh, baby, now I learned from you 
I remember cold nights 

Tears I thought would never dry 

How you shattered may world with your goodbye 

Your goodbye, baby 

Would?ve sold my soul then 

Jus to have you back again 

Now you?re the last thing on my mind 

Now you say you sorry and you?ve changed your ways 

Sorry, but you change your ways too late 

Bbm				G? 
So when all you?re got are sleepless nights 
F#				Bbm/F 
When those tears are clouding up your eyes 
Abm    B/D#		D	  C# 
Just remember it was you who said goodbye 
Who said goodbye
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