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Vers 1:

D5 F5        C5
I know your smile
D5          F5          C5
See it and want it for life
      D5 F5       C5
Cause i can't resist
        D5  F5     C5
Your carisma, it hits me

Pre-omkv?D5 :

            C5            A5
You are the nicest girl i know
       C5                 A5
The sweetest girl that i know
          E5          G5
And your beauty is so great

Vers 2:

D5   F5         C5
Why you'd want me
     D5          F5       C5
Is a question that's not free
      D5   F5      C5
Cause you are the perfekt
D5       F5     C5
waaaaay toooo perfeeekt


            C5                 A5
You are the prettiest girl  i know
    C5                       A5 
The greatest girl i'll ever know
         E5        G5
And your charm can kill me

      C5                A5
And i keep thinking of you
              C5                  A5  
And all those things you make me do
  E5       G5
I looooove you

---- BUT -----


F5              Ab5  
You said i was boring
           Bb5         F#5
you didn't want me anymore

      F5            Ab5
And i cried till I slept
    Bb5           F#5
You made me miserable

    F5        Ab5
But I can't help it
    Bb5         F#5
You hurt me so much

        F5      Ab5
That it had to end this way
       Bb5       F#5
really made me sad

         F5            Ab5 
 | :'Cause you were the one for me
   Bb5    F#5
I really loved you: |   

Sweeeeeeeeet song... The 5 th. they wrote i think. I like the Heavy part!
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