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Intro 2x: Cm  [ch]Ab/C[/ch]  Cm7  [ch]Bb/C[/ch]

Cm              Gm
Kiss me too fiercely,
Ab               Db
Hold me too tight,
  Gm7           Cm     Eb/Bb  Ab
I need help believing
           Fm   Ab   Bb   Eb/Bb  [ch]Ab/Bb[/ch]  Bb  Gm7
You?re with me tonight.

Cm             Gm
My wildest dreamings
Ab                 Db
Could not foresee
Gm7     Cm        Eb/Bb  Ab
Lying beside you
       Fm      Ab     Bb  Eb/Bb  [ch]Ab/Bb[/ch]  Bb
With you wanting me.

                    Eb        Bb  Ab
Just for this moment,
                          Eb    Bb4  Ab
As long as you?re mine,
                       Bbm       [ch]Ab/Db[/ch]  [ch]Ab/Eb[/ch]  Eb
I have lost all resistance
         Fm             [ch]Eb/Ab[/ch]  Bb
And crossed some border line.
B?          Cm                   Ab  Abm
And if turns out it?s over too fast,
     Gm    Gb7  E7  D7        Bb  Eb/Bb  Ab5  Bb
I?ll make every last moment last
    Gm             Cm      [ch]Ab/C[/ch]  Cm7  [ch]Bb/C[/ch]
As long as you?re mine.

Interl?dio: Cm  [ch]Ab/C[/ch]  Cm7  [ch]Bb/C[/ch]

 Am            Em
Maybe I?m brainless
  F            Bb
Maybe I?m wise,
       Em7             Am     C
But you?ve got me seeing
F            Dm  C     G    C/G  [ch]F5/G[/ch]  G  Em
Through different eyes.

Am                Em
Somehow I?ve fallen
 F                Bb
Under your spell,
       Em7             Am     C/G  F
And somehow I?m feeling
     Dm        C G      C/G  [ch]F5/G[/ch]
It?s ?up? that I fell?

G         C        G4  F9
Every moment,
                       C       G4  F9
As long as you?re mine,
                       Gm   F/Bb  F/C  C
I?ll wake up my body,
C     Dm       C/F       G
And make up for lost time?
G#?           Am
Say there?s no future
Am/G          F   Fm
For us as a pair?
       Em    Eb       Db7
And though I may know
B7       G   C/G  C/G  [ch]F5/G[/ch]
I don?t care?

G                   C       G4  F
Just for this moment,
                           C   G  F
As long as you?re mine,
                          Gm      F/Bb  F/C  C  Dm7
Come be how you want to
 C   Dm        C/F           G
And see how bright we shine.

G#?        Am
Borrow the moonlight
Am/G          F     Fm
Until it is through?
       Em7 Eb7   Db7
And know I?ll be here
B7          G  C/G  [ch]F5/G[/ch]  G
Holding you?
G                      C        G/C  F/C  C  G4  F
As long as you?re mine?

Outro 2x: C  [ch]F5/C[/ch]  C5  G/C  
(  C  [ch]F5/C[/ch]  C5  G/C  C )
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