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Ab                             C
Did that really just happen?
Ab                                C
Have I actually understood?
This weird quirk I've tried
To suppress or hide
Is a talent that could
Ab                            C#
Help me meet the Wizard
   Eb         Cm
If I make good
F#                 C  Dm  G7
So I'll make, good;

C   Dm  G7

C      Dm           G7        G
When I meet the Wizard,
C      Dm            G7            C
Once I prove my worth
And then I'll meet the Wizard
          Dm            C
What I've waited for since,
Since birth!
               C       Dm         G7           G             
And with all his Wizard wisdom ,
              C                              Em
By my looks, he won't be blinded.
              Bb                              C
Do you think the Wizard is dumb?
              Bb                                   G
Or, like Munchkins, so small-minded?
No! He'll say to me,
Dm              G              C
"I see who you truly are -
Am                    Dm         Gm        
A girl on whom I can rely!"
         C                         F 
And that's how we'll begin
                            C   Dm   G
The Wizard and I

C  Dm  G

Same chords as verse 1 :)

Once I'm with the Wizard
My whole life will change
'Cuz once you're with the Wizard
No one thinks you're strange!
No father is not proud of you,
No sister acts ashamed
And all of Oz has to love you
When by the Wizard, you're acclaimed
And this gift or this curse
I have inside
Maybe at last, I'll know why
When we are hand in hand -
The Wizard and I!

          D                                        C#
And one day, he'll say to me, "Elphaba
     D                     C#
A girl who is so superior,
F                                          Em7
Shouldn't a girl who's so good inside
Dm                         Em
Have a matching exterior?
C                                  Bb            F
And since folks here to an absurd degree
Cm              Bb       F       Bb
Seem fixated on your verdigris.
            C#                        C
Would it be all right by you
If I
de-greenified you?"

And though of course,
Dm                G                 C
That's not important to me.
Am                    Dm          G
"All right, why not?" I'll reply
C                                 F
Oh, what a pair we'll be
                           Am  Dm  G
The Wizard and I;
         C          Dm           F
Yes, what a pair we'll be

The Wizard and...

*(the unlimited bit has tricky chords that i couldn't work out)

Same chords as verse :)

And I'll stand there with the Wizard,
Feeling things I've never felt.
And though I'd never show it,
I'd be so happy, I could melt!
And so it will be
For the rest of my life,
And I'll walk up the aisles 
Till I die.
        C                          F
Held in such high esteem.
              C                            F
When people see me, they will scream
              C                   Fm
For half of Oz's favorite team;
The Wizard
        C  Dm  G
And I

C Dm G     C
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