• Song:

    Action Man

  • Artist:

    Widespread Panic

  • Album:

    Live at Myrtle Beach (d...

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Verse 1:
B5                   D5   E5
Willie said "he was the mostest horse"
             F#5 D5    B5
A ??? desert ma-ma's boy
B5                    D5    E5
Running in first, neither crowned nor cursed
                           F#5    D5   B5
He tears away like a child takes his toy

B5  A#5      A5     G#5       G5     A5  G5  A5   F#5
   Side by side, souls of kind, different world
B5  A#5        A5     G#5       G5      A5   G5  A5  F#5
   Hearts of gold, limbs of steel, Man-Of -  War

Verse 2:

Oh, place your bets boys, get up, get in time

Burn the bolts, you ain't seen nothin' yet

Maybe back at that old Kentucky home

That it was luck, he'll catch him if he can

Chorus 2:

Fire inside, blaze of glory, space in time

Heart of gold, limbs of steel, Man-Of-War

A5          F#5
   Oh, Saratoga
A5              F#5
Ooo, play your favorite
G5                      E5        G5
Odds are more than one hundred
    E5             G5   A5
Oh, Willie said
Ooo, Saratoga

Jam over verse riff

Verse 3:
Nowhere, nowhere to run
??? gonna take the highest prize
We're hardly funnin' now, little children
He's workin' it now, never, never look back

(Chorus 2)

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