• Song:

    Chilly Water

  • Artist:

    Widespread Panic

  • Album:

    Live at Myrtle Beach (d...

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E                D
   /  /  /     /    /  /  /  /
 | --0------------- | --5----------- | 
 | --0------------- | --7----------- | 
 | --1------------- | --7----------- | 
 | --2------------- | --7----------- | 
 | --2-----7--6--5- | --5----------- | 
 | --0------------- | -------------- | 

Verse 1:
E                         D          E  D
In the easy chair with my boots on
       E             D      E  D
Melted whiskey in my hand
  E                             D                      E  D
I couldn't have been asleep for more than three hours
        E           D      E  D
Time to go to work again
     E               D         E  D  A
Once more I beat the sunrise
              E                 D      E  D  A
And there's a dark breeze at my door
          E                      D            E  D  A
Raise the water from the well up to my face
            E              D       E  D  A
How could a man like me be poor?

E                  A       G
As long as there's water
F#     F   E       E  D
Chilly wet water
A                      G  F#    F    E       E  D
   Gimme some of that     cool, cool water

Verse 2:
Well, my horse's eyes are glassy
He breathed the city in his lungs last night
I lead his natural body
To the trough to regain his might
Red rooster crow them blues here
That Old Blue he round the bull
And the mornin's crying rays of sunrise
It hasn't rained for three weeks full



Verse 3:
Venus light is rising
I lay my buckets inside the shed
And there's a man I see - a stranger
Leaning on the gate outside my fence
Said "I'm riding out from the city
Where they started holding water back last night
I was hoping I could get a drink from your well
Before I ride on to another city tonight"
Before I ride on to another city tonight
Before I ride on to another city tonight

E      D     E        D            E       D  A
Chilly well,   chilly well, chilly water

Cool well, chilly well water

Before I ride on

E  >  F#m  >  G  >  A   (1 measure per chord)

A  >  G  >  F#  F  E   (as in the chorus)
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