• Song:

    This Part Of Town

  • Artist:

    Widespread Panic

  • Album:

    Live In The Classic Cit...

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Em G C G Em G C G  

 Em     G     C     G     Em 
I was walking     the other day 

with my head down when i met a man 

who had his hand out so i gave him 

gave him a dollar but has i walked away I 

heard him call out
 D      F   C       A        G
tell me brother can you see the sun  
 D        F       C       Em  D        F  C
from where your standing now ive been up 
    A         G   D            F         C
and ive been down but ive never been to this... 
           Em  G C G
part of town  (volte para 
Em G C G Em )
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