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    In Your Dreams

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Song:   [Was I] In Your Dreams
Band:   Wilco
Album:  Being There
Tuning: Standard


BEAT 1   2   3   4
E|   3   x   x x
A|   2   x   x x
D|   0   2   3 4
G|   0   0   0 0
B|   0   0   1 2
e|   3   x   x x

  C  E  Am  D  C  G

        G                 D
  Was I   in your dreams,   I'd like to know
  C                                 E
   Did I touch your hand and did it feel like snow?
  Am                            D                    C  G
   Try to understand while I've got you on the phone
  G                      D
   Did I hurt you like I   know I can?
  C                                        E
   Tell me why you'd ever wanna leave your   lovin' man
  Am                         D                  C  G  G-RIFF
   Try to understand, please try to understand

  C                 G       G-RIFF
      Was I in your dreams?
  C                 G
      Was I in your dreams?

  G  D  C  E 
  Am D  C  G

       G                       D
  This   dreamer died when his dreams died too
  C                             E
   But I don't really mind if I dream about you
  Am                D                  C  G
   I can't say what any of that means
            G                D
  Oh, was I   in your dreams   late last night
  C                                  E
   Did you hold your pillow, did you squeeze me tight?
  Am                      D                C  G
   I just wanna make everything all right


  Bmaj7  Em  F  C

  Bmaj7  Em  C  G
    Was I?

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