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    Venus Stop The Train

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  • Album:

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot De...

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This is probably not quite right but its a start and I haven't found a tab or anything
for this really great song anywhere else yet.  The piano chords on the song are much
more intricate and pretty than I'm capable of reproducing on the guitar but hopefully
this will give you a basis to work from!

Capo 2nd

Intro - D Bb G A 

D Bb               G     A
Venus, stop the train
D       Bb                  G    A
For the brakeman lost his place
D  Bb              G          A  
Satellites were spinning and out of space
D    Bb             G          A
They televised her feelings while the light
The light struck terror

D         A                    G         
I kept my distance because she fell in love with everyone
D         A                 G     
Smoking grass and taking Christmas trees
     Em                Bm  
She fell in love with me
I was polite to her
A               G                    Em
A soft sadness having much more than her
           D   E(?)
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