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    Venus Stop The Train

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  • Album:

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot De...

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Okay.  It's a shame that I can't find a correctly posted version of these chords
and so I created an account here specifically to do this.  I know the chords are pretty much
on.  I've never posted anything before, but here goes:

E               C#o7               Cmaj7               B7
         E               C#o7               Cmaj7               B7
                 Venus stop the train                                       For the
lost his place

E               F#/E                A
     B                  E               C#o7               A
                Satellites were spinning and out of space              They televised
feelings         while the

Em/G       F#m7
Light struck terror

E               B                     F#m                  
               E               B
I kept my distance b/c she fell in love w/ everyone    Smoking grass and taking xmas
she fell in...

C#m           C+5              B
              A               E/G#             F#m            
      I was polite to her       A soft sadness having...               Loneliness

Choosing the right voicings is key.  Learn it on piano first.  Happy playing!
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