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    When The Roses Bloom Again

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This was tabbed wrong in the Billy Bragg section... these chords are right.

Where The Roses Are In Bloom Chords by Billy Bragg and Wilco

Verse 1

They were [Am]strolling in the gloaming
Where the [Dm]roses were in bloom
A [F]soldier and his sweetheart lady [C]true
And their [Am]hearts were filled with sorrow
And their [Dm]thoughts were of tomorrow
As she [F]pinned a rose upon his coat of [C]blue

Chorus 1

Do not [C]ask me love to linger
When you [Dm]know not what to say
For [C]duty calls your sweetheart's name [Am]again
And your [C]heart need not be sighing
If [Dm]I be among the dying
I'll be [C]with you when the [F]roses bloom [C]again
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