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A     E     D [x7]

A                 E   
waking up with an 8.2

E                               A
when it seemed like the easiest thing to do

A    A7                   D                   A    E
when someone said "here's one for you!"

A                     E 
mouth's so dried and I just spit ash

E                              A
in a hole in my pocket full of wasted cash

A    A7                   D                 A  C#
but it's all right it was just bad stash 

D     C# D    C# D      C# D                B    Bb  B Bb   B Bb
"jump inside" he said, [I tried/I'll try], "I never met a junkie that I 

   B Bb           A
didn't like" said he

A               E
and who am I to disagree? {sometimes "I think I'm gonna disagree" live, apparently} 


D                 A                E          A
(oh,) how can you stay when you're 60 million miles away?

D           A                 C#
how can you fly when you're (home) free?

D                    A               E                    A
and(/oh) how can you feel when your mind's made up like a will of steel?

D           A            E
how can you deal in your tree? 

C#      B      A      D A E D A E
sick of ec-sta-sy 

A                         E
kicked in bad and you got too low

E                       A
to be down in a company you don't know

      A7               D                  A        E
said 'come on in got a right good blow'

A                        E
yeah, talking, talking the whole world's clear

E                               A
until a guy with a goatee got a touch of fear

       A7                      D            A      C#
which went round the room like diahorea 

D     C# D       C# D        C# D              
bored with this, I'm bored with that

B    Bb  B   Bb   B    Bb
I'm stuck in bed alone with a-you know what

A                             E
no rest, with a heart beating outta your chest 

sick of LSD

CHORUS (x2) 
sick of drugs are we
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