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A5     E5     D5 [x7]

A5                 E5   
waking up with an 8.2

E5                               A5
when it seemed like the easiest thing to do

A5    A5                   D5                   A5    E5
when someone said "here's one for you!"

A5                     E5 
mouth's so dried and I just spit ash

E5                              A5
in a hole in my pocket full of wasted cash

A5    A5                   D5                 A5  C#5
but it's all right it was just bad stash 

D5     C#5 D5    C#5 D5      C#5 D5                B5    Bb5  B5 Bb5   B5 Bb5
"jump inside" he said, [I tried/I'll try], "I never met a junkie that I 

   B5 Bb5           A5
didn't like" said he

A5               E5
and who am I to disagree? {sometimes "I think I'm gonna disagree" live, apparently} 


D5                 A5                E5          A5
(oh,) how can you stay when you're 60 million miles away?

D5           A5                 C#5
how can you fly when you're (home) free?

D5                    A5               E5                    A5
and(/oh) how can you feel when your mind's made up like a will of steel?

D5           A5            E5
how can you deal in your tree? 

C#5      B5      A5      D5 A5 E5 D5 A5 E5
sick of ec-sta-sy 

A5                         E5
kicked in bad and you got too low

E5                       A5
to be down in a company you don't know

      A5               D5                  A5        E5
said 'come on in got a right good blow'

A5                        E5
yeah, talking, talking the whole world's clear

E5                               A5
until a guy with a goatee got a touch of fear

       A5                      D5            A5      C#5
which went round the room like diahorea 

D5     C#5 D5       C#5 D5        C#5 D5              
bored with this, I'm bored with that

B5    Bb5  B5   Bb5   B5    Bb5
I'm stuck in bed alone with a-you know what

A5                             E5
no rest, with a heart beating outta your chest 

sick of LSD

CHORUS (x2) 
sick of drugs are we
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