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    Will Driving West

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Intro: C  Am7

C                                                    Am7
I don?t need no one to tell me you?ve been on my mind lately I know
C                                                           Am7
I?ve been thinking lots about you, wondering if I?ll ever get through my love
C                                                              Am7
Some friends of mine they thought we should have never got together from the start

Am7                  F
But what do you think?
             C          G                       F
Is life lighter without me now, how do you feel?
Am              G          C
Kissing someone else?s neck

C                                                     Am7
Still dreaming about you now and then, hoping to get fixed in the end
C                                                            Am7
Always smiling with all my friends but they don?t know my castle?s made of sand
C                                                       Am7
For you don't answer when I call, I stay awake until I fall, I miss you

Am7                  F
Where have you been?
             C          G     F
Tell me did you leave America?
Am              G          F
Making sure you don't look back?
C                 G             F
Chasing clouds in South Australia?
Am            G       C
Trying to get back on track

Outro: C  Am7
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