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INTRO  F5 C5 G5 (X4)


F5        C5      G5            F5          C5           G5
I threw away a lifetime you laughed and called it a sin

F5           C5          G5                       G5           C5          G5
There ain't ever gonna be a way to work it out not after a night like this

F5         C5       G5                F5        C5           G5     
I've been waiting on your call now just the silence and me

F5          C5          C5                        F5            C5         G5
I know you want me to chase you around but I'm so tired of asking you please


    C5                      F5                         G5
I'm through with this I'll forget your kiss and move on

                 C5                     F5                   G5
There will be no sleepless nights I'll be alright from now on

    F5          C5               G5
I'm better off now that you're gone

F5          C5               G5     
Better off now that you're gone

You put me so far down girl I couldn't even stand on my own
Ghosts of you would come back to me whenever I was alone
Now the candles have all burned out and the doors are locked and chained
Have no doubts this time I've figured out a way to end all these games


D5                 G5                 D5                G5
Nights filled with empty bottles and picking up broken glass

D5                 G5                   F5                A5                    G5
Well I should have known from the very first night that this just would never last
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