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TITLE:  Doesn't Have To Be That Way 

          Bm7                      A       Bm7 A
There's a storm brewing out on the open sea

Bm7                      A          Bm7 A
Sweeping its way here to you and me

            Bm                                 A
But all the lights are out and the streets are dark

              Bm                            A
And there's a soul without a fire trying to find a spark

         Bm                     A                   E
And this heartbreak season it's leaving its mark on me


                               B   D E
But it doesn't have to be that way

                                B   D E
It's not the way that it has to be

                                   B              D           E
It's coming over the walls and I'm drowning in it can't you see

                                 B   E
It's not the way that it has to be

                        B   A
Doesn't have to be that way

Black night sitting heavy all around
I got a mind full of heartaches and hand me downs
I got a freight train screaming inside my head
That says you can't find love in a stranger's bed
And my mouth is full of all the words that I wish I had said

D     A      G    
It's so much harder now

D              A               G 
That the blues skies have gone away

D   A    G                 F#m  Em Dm A
I wish I had just one more day

Whiskey like water flowing down a drain
And I'm wasted as a candle in a hurricane
But you can't stop something that's this far gone
Goodbyes are easier than I was wrongs
And suicide ain't a matter of degree
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