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I am an American man
    G     D      A
I vote I work I pray

I get up at the crack of dawn
       G        D        A
Every day but Saturday

I used to have a pension,
       G         D         A
Yeah I used to have a plan

My friends mean the world to me
               G         D               A    
We just don?t mean that much to the man
D                   A
I still love this country
     D               A       D
Even in its darkest days
                      F#m                   D
But I bet our founding fathers are turning over 
E             A
in their graves

Corporations count as people
But people don?t count as much
And Wall Street don?t concern themselves
With the middle class and such
We bailed ?em out the first
Because they?re too damn big to fail
If I would been that bad with my own cash
Somebody would have sent my ass to jail


Four years in the army
And then four years back in school
But still I can?t find a job
And now I feel just like a fool
Democrats, republicans
Who?s to blame it?s hard to tell
Sometimes I think we?d be better off
If they all just went to hell
Oh?let?em all go to hell

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