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INTRO  Em  Bm  C Am


Em     Bm
I know it's late

C               Am
It's the lonely hour

Em       Bm
But I've seen your window

    C                    Am
And I've knocked on your door

Em                 Bm
There's no need to hide

C               Am
I'm a love lost disaster

Em            Bm                 C
And sooner or later you're gonna find out

Just what I'm here after

G   Bm      C                  G        G D/F# Em
Hey tonight say that you still love me

             C            D
The way that you always did before

G   Bm       C                    G       D/F#
Hey tonight say the fire is still burning

           Em              C                D            G      G D/F# Em
And in the morning pretend we don't see the ashes on the floor

There's blood on these streets
I know that I'm losing
My heart's been left open
And I'm falling away
I know that I could
I could change if I have to
But I've been here so long I think I've learned to like it this way

Am                 C       G
Into the ocean and with no light

Am               C       G
I'm sinking this ship tonight

I'm going down fast

C         G       D
Won't you hold on tight

Don't turn on the lights
Don't look out from inside
Because I know how this ends 
And I just can't stand it this way
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