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VERSE 1: (strum each chord once)
Excuse me,
A5           B5         G5
Do you have the time?
                     D5                A5                         
?Cause I?ve been here waiting since a quarter after nine.
                D5             A5                   B5                   
And it is not true love that I?m hoping I will find.
           D5                      A5                                    
No the truth is that I just don?t want to be alone tonight.

VERSE 2: (Listen and strum chords accordingly)
D5                               A5                              B5      
My how your eyes sparkle. Have you heard that one before?
                        D5                        A5                     
    B5                       G5
'Cause if you have don't you worry I know at least one million more.
                D5                        A5                       
Like the one about your father stealing stars out of the sky,
                          D5                                      A5
And if I could buy you just one more drink, I think I'd have the strength to tell these lies.

G5                    B5                                            G5    
And it must feel so fine to get what you want every time.
E5                                              A5
I would if I were more like James Dean.

CHORUS: (listen for strumming)
G5                     D5                             G5              D5     
Then I could walk right up to you and say ?Hello how do you do??
F#5             B5            B5              A5
Then you'd come back home with me,
                     D5                            G5                         
But I'm just not that cool you see, I?m just not that cool you see.

VERSE 2: (same chords as verse 1)
So for now I'll just sit here and wait alone,
and hope that maybe you'll say hello, as the night just creeps along.
And I don't want to know about the clothes you wear.
I want to see you in the morning with the sunlight through your hair.

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