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G5           D5
Beat up and kicked around
G5                C5
I pick myself up off the ground.
G5              D5 
I head east to another town
I'm movin' on.
G5                   D5
Bar room fights and breakin' glass  
G5                   C5
A broken nose and a smoker's laugh.
G5                   D5              G5 
I'm sure I probably cut my life in half.


C5                       G5
With a suitcase full of empty dreams.
D5             G5
A guitar with broken strings.
C5                   G5                 D5
A busted heart that longs to sing the blues.
C5                  G5
A mind that always leads me wrong,
D5                   G5
A head full of Hank Williams songs.
C5          D5                         G5 
I'm sorry, honey, but this highway's home.

G5                           D5
I've loved pretty women and some that ain't. 
G5                       C5
I'm a burned out junkie truck stop saint,
G5                      D5
So check the tires and fill the tank,
I'm movin' on.
G5                      D5
Interstate markers and highway signs,
G5                   C5
Eighteen wheels and thin white lines.
G5                  D5
Dodge a speed trap one more time,
I'm gone.

B5         C5          
So hard to leave you here this way,
B5                       C5
With a white dress and a goodbye wave.
B5                            C5
But theres mouths to feed and bills to pay,
I'm sorry, honey, I've got to go.



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