• Song:

    Any Other Way

  • Artist:

    William Bell

  • Album:

    Greatest Hits Volume On...

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Noodle in C Pent
Eb / / /       Cm / / /      Eb / / /      Cm / / /

Eb / / / / / / /      Cm / / / / / / /
Here you come again, you say that youre my friend.
Eb5                        C5       
But I know why youre here; she wants to know how I feel.
Eb5                                  C5
Well, you can, tell her that Im happy, tell her that Im OK.
Ab5            Bb5          Ab5                  Eb5      
Tell her I wont have it, (pause) any other way.

Eb / / /       Cm / / /      Eb / / /      Cm / / /

 Thats right

People have been talking, since weve been apart.
When I pass I hear them whisper, there he goes with a broken heart.

But when she ask about me, here is what you say .
Tell her I wouldnt have it, (pause) any other way.

Cause Im free, ha

Thats all I hafta say, my friend, now I think we better say bye bye.
I think youd better go right now, or you might see a big man cry.

But when you see my baby, here is what you say.
Tell her I wouldnt have it, (pause) any other way.

Chuck wouldnt have it
No, no, no, no, no, no
Any other way

Cause hes free
Yes, Im free
Im free, Im free

Everyday, Im free
Without you, Im free
Free at last, free at last
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