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If you really want to get that clawhammer banjo feel, try alternating between the 
bass string and the rest of the chord: e.g.
D             G              A
E---2-2       ---3-3         -------|
B---3-3       ---3-3         ---2-2-|
G---2-2       ---0-0         ---2-2-|
D-0----       ------         ---2-2-|
A------       ------         -0-----| 
E------       -3----         -------|

D                      G           D
You are a sight for the sorest of eyes
D         A          D               
and these have never beheld
D                      G             D 
such beauty and grace in the look on your face 
D            A        D
is a secret you just can't tell

Blow out those candles and crawl into bed
Hold me close and don't let go
The storm clouds are gatherin' all overhead 
and the wind is starting to blow

G                        D
I never felt better than in your two arms
and the moon never shone so bright
G                   D
All my woes seem to fade away
D           A          D
Darlin' you sure are a sight

(the last two verses go back to the original pattern)

Tea in the morning and whiskey at night 
is such a hard cycle to break
but your company is just fine by me
Lovin for lovins sake

You shoot me that look from them big doe eyes 
like a slug from a forty-four
It's as easy as that for you to lay me out flat
that's one thing that's always for sure
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