• Song:

    I Give My Self Way

  • Artist:

    William Mcdowell

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                A   E/G#
I give myself away
                F#m       E         D
I give myself away   so You can use me

Verse 1
       A            E/G#
Here I am , here I stand
         Bm7       D     E4
Lord my life is in Your hands
        A          E/G#
Lord I?m longing to see
        Bm7           D    E4
Your desires revealed in   me

Verso 2:
          A             E/G#
Take my heart, take my life
      Bm7          D    E4
As a living sac ? ri - fice
         C#/F     F#m            E/G#
All      my       dreams, all my plans
       Bm7           D    E4
Lord I place them in Your hands

   A                    E/G#
My life is not my own,  To You I belong
       F#m        E              D
I give myself, I give myself to You
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