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    With A Little Luck

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Intro:[A/B  E] [A/B  A/D  C#m7  B7sus4  E]

              E/G# (143121@4)               AWith (x02220@1)a little luck, we can help it out,
                 A/B (002520@1)                  Ewe (022100@1)can make this whole damn thing work out.
              E/G# (143121@4)               AWith (x02220@1)a little love, we can lay it down,
                   A/B (002520@1)           C#m7can't (x4242x@1)you feel the town exploding?

F#m (244222@1)        C#7 (x4342x@1)             F#m7 (131141@2)          C#7 (x4342x@1)There is no end to what we can do together (together).
F#m (244222@1)        C#7 (x4342x@1)F#m7 (131141@2)      C#7 (x4342x@1)There is no end, there is no end.
F#m7 (131141@2)      C#7 (x4342x@1)               DMaj7
 The willow turns his back on inclement weather.
       A/B (002520@1)                                 EAnd (022100@1)if he can do, we can do it, just me and you.

And a little luck we can clear it up,
we can bring it in for a landing.
With a little luck we can turn it on,
there can be no misunderstanding.

There is no end to what...

With a little push we could set it off,
we can send it rocketing skywards.
With a little love we could shake it up,
don't you feel the comet exploding?

(With a little luck, we can help...)
(With a little luck, with a little luck,...)

End:[A/D  C#m7  F#m/B  E  A/D  C#m7  A/B  E]

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