• Song:


  • Artist:

    Within Temptation

  • Album:

    The Silence Force

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I hear your whispers
 Break the silence
 And it calms me down
 Your taste on my lips
 Your salty kisses
 They say I'm seeking up the danger
 That one day you won't let me go
 (I'll drown, you'll take me down)
 I need you Aquarius
 Enchanted I will have to stay.
 I feel you Aquarius
 'cause you're the sea, set me free
 You call to me Aquarius
 (You call to me, you set me free)
 I relinquish
 To your powers
 From your grasp
 I just can't hide
 I missed the danger
 I had to conquer
 You made me feel alive
 They say I have to be aware
 That one day you won't let me go
 Take me down
 I long for you Aquarius
 I need to be with you again
 I fear you, Aquarius
 My destiny 'till the end
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