• Song:

    Demons Fate

  • Artist:

    Within Temptation

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EmYou'll (022000@1)burn this time seeing the violence
CIt's (x32010@1)feeding my mind, no one is saving you
D (xx0232@1)                               EmHow (022000@1)can you find a heaven in this hell?

EmLeave (022000@1)it behind hearing your silence
CIt (x32010@1)screams our goodbye cannot believe
        Dit's (xx0232@1)an eye for an eye
             EmLet (022000@1)us go to waste

AmAngels (x02210@1)have faith
                     EmI (022000@1)don't want to be a part of his sin
                     AmI (x02210@1)don't want to get lost in his world
                     BI'm (x2444x@1)not playing this game

                     Em (022000@1)                CWhen (x32010@1)the shadows remain in the light of day
                Am (x02210@1)                  DOn (xx0232@1)the wings of darkness he'll retaliate
                       EmHe'll (022000@1)be falling from grace
                C (x32010@1)     Am (x02210@1)  DTill (xx0232@1)the end of all his days

Em (022000@1)                    C (x32010@1)           
From the ashes of hate it's a cruel demon's fate
                Am (x02210@1)                        DOn (xx0232@1)the wings of darkness he's returned to stay
                   Em (022000@1)                   C (x32010@1)     Am (x02210@1)  DThere (xx0232@1)will be no escape cause he's fallen far from grace

EmWhat (022000@1)have you done? Is this what you wanted?
     CWhat (x32010@1)have you become? His soul's not forsaken
       D (xx0232@1)                            EmYou're (022000@1)walking alone from heaven into hell

EmNow (022000@1)that you know your way in this madness
     CYour (x32010@1)powers are gone your chains have been broken
       D (xx0232@1)                             EmYou've (022000@1)suffered so long you will never change.

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