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Yeah so all the chords for this song on here are awful so I thought I'd just write my 
own which actually sound good.

DSo (xx0232@1)what we get drunk,
                 GSo (320003@1)what we smoke weed,
                  BmWe're (x24432@1)just havin' fun,
                      AAnd (x02220@1)we don't care who see's.

DSo (xx0232@1)what we go out,
                            GThat's (320003@1)how it's supposed to be,
       Bm (x24432@1)   A (x02220@1)      GLivin' (320003@1)young, wild and free.

It's just those chords repeated the whole way through the song. Enjoy.

Written by Conor okay bye
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