The Wonder Years
Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing
Woke Up Older
Mike G

Intro:  A C# B A C# A  X2
        A C# B

 B                          C#       A
You've got lunch with your sister tomorrow
   E              B
So we can't be up late
          C#              A
You don't mind if I sleep in
     E                       B
But then I've gotta pack my things
               C#       A          E           B
So I stacked a Bukowski novel on a Blacklisted LP
    C#                 A              E            B
And this time what it looked like was just what it proved to be
                      C#         A   E
You said you needed a stiff drink
             C#               A  B
to take your mind off things
 E   B       C#
Hey Jess, I woke up older
G#M  A     E               B
Carrying two years in the bags under my eyes


E    B       C#                 G#M      A
Hey Jess, I watched you wake up and get dressed
E                 B               A         C#  B
You left the room receded like my hairline

                    C#                  A
I've been avoiding Rittenhouse like the plague
           E                 B
Because I just can't handle seeing you today
              C#           A
You made this house into a home
           E              B
Now, I'm a stranger on my street
C#                 B
And as I turned to leave
         E                       B  C# A
I caught myself in the mirror to see
         E           B   A
I aged a year this week
C#        A              E
I left a note up on your bed that said
B            C#        A             E   B
Hey, thanks again for everything you did

Repeat Chorus
      C#        B             A
When John introduced Woke Up New in St. Augustine
   C# B         A
I knew I wasn't alone
     C#         B           A
When I woke up here without you
                     C#                     A      B
There was nothing to do but pack up and go home

A C# B A C# A  X2
A C# B

Repeat Chorus


      A           C#        B         E       G#M
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