• Song:

    Now Is The Time For Us

  • Artist:

    Worship Central

  • Album:

    Spirit Break Out

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Now is the time for us:
this is a song featured on the Worship Central- Spirit Break out album. this is a 
great song written by Luke Hellebronth and Martyn Layzell. 
No capo
(they play it with a capo 3 but these are the chords the would play if not using a capo.) 
Transpose accordingly :)

Eb (x43121@3)            Bb (x1333x@1)        Cm (x3101x@1)        Gm (355333@1)  EbOur (x43121@3)hearts will not forget, all of Your promises
     Bb (x1333x@1)      FYour (133211@1)words are truth
Eb (x43121@3)       Bb (x1333x@1)       Cm (x3101x@1)     Gm (355333@1)     EbOut (x43121@3)of the wilderness, we run into Your grace
       Bb (x1333x@1)   FYou've (133211@1)set us free
       EbWe (x43121@3)won't turn back
       EbYou're (x43121@3)the only way
BbNow (x1333x@1)is the time for us
BbTo (x1333x@1)sing of your great love
Gm (355333@1)                EbWe (x43121@3)worship you God, Forever you God
BbWe (x1333x@1)hear you calling us
BbTo (x1333x@1)show the world your love
Gm (355333@1)                EbThe (x43121@3)sound of freedom will be our anthem
Verse 2:
We're daring to believe
Trusting in what's unseen
By faith we'll see
You're lighting up the night
New hope that shines so bright
F/A (x03211@1)                CmWe're (x3101x@1)yours forever, we stand together
Eb (x43121@3)                BbWe (x1333x@1)trust in you our God, we look to you our God
F (133211@1)                GmWe're (355333@1)yours forever, we stand together
EbWe (x43121@3)follow you our God

God Bless :D
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