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Okay I don't know the whole song, I just taught myself the lead
part by ear so if you know the chords feel free to tell me and
I'll add them. You can look at my youtube video to see how the
lead part goes if you're not sure of it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On4cJhp4nkY. My 
is out of sync with the video though
-_- I'm not so great with audio editing so I couldn't really get
 my playing in sync with the background track. Oh well here's the tabs.

*Parenthesis means you don't have to play that note, it's part of a variation
 of the theme, for help with that you can watch my youtube video.

B------10------------------------10-s13-12----10----|L T
G----7-----10-10h12--10-9-7----7-----------12-------|A W
D---------------------------------------------------|Y I
A---------------------------------------------------|  C
E---------------------------------------------------|  E

e------------------------||-------------------------------|| Or if you don't
B------------------------||-------------------------------|| want to do the
G--10-7--10-(12)-9--10-7-||---10-7--10-(12)-(10)-9--22-19-|| 22 19 you could
D------------------------||-------------------------------|| do 10 7
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