• Song:

    Happiness Comes In A Box

  • Artist:

    Yellow Red Sparks

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This is 95% correct, only because he does a couple of easy hammer on hammer offs that 
can be figured out on your own.

                         Happiness Comes In A Box
                            Yellow Red Sparks

Chords used: G D Em C Am

G D Em C

Verse 1:
                G            D
Will I make you happy? Yes I will
        Em         C
Build a house on a hill
We'll tow all the neighbors
I'll move them away
And we'll raise the stakes
Just you and me

                                 Verse 2
I'll cry if you're lonely
Or cough when you're sick
And I'll wake you up
With one simple kiss
And you'll be reminded
Of all that we were
When all that we are
Is more than before

C                       G        C
And the hardest part is in,  the fact
That we never win
C                       G              Em
And the hardest part is in learning to love
Where you've never been

                                 Verse 3

But I'll make you happy. Yes I will
If you can pretend that we're still
More than a number in somebody's race
Will numbers run out eventually?



Am               D
If you'll say we jumped over moons
     G                   Em
Then I would believe and pray that it's true
C                        D
Ferocious in stones that we have both thrown
        G               Em
Just to cover the shame together we've made
C                           D
Lovers they'll lead you all over this planet
     G                             Em
With all of your paths (past) it's too much to ask
C                         D
Babe if you leave me take nothing for granted
       G       Em       C
Except ash for ash fall ash

                                 Verse 4:

I'll smile if you're laughing, I'll pray when you're not
I'll help you climb stairs if you just can't walk
And I'll be your safety, if you'll be my love
Some charm (char) for the cares
You know they always ensnare


G           D           Em
     It's awful, it's awful
   C      G
     D            Em
An awful or an artful
   C           (fade, then end on G)
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