D5 A5 B5 G5 D5 A5 
D5                   A5          B5
The news it came to me as a surprise
       G5                D5               A5
And I knew that I would have to deal in time
           D5          A5                    B5
And as the messenger walked right off the porch
     G5           D5                A5
A memory came to me from times before

I remember when my dad was called away
My mother put his pictures all away
And now the time had come for me to go
To my love my tears I tried not to show

G5                     A5
With tear drops on my face
          D5                B5
Thinking 'bout that old homeplace
G5                 A5              D5
Riding across the planes in the rain

Banjo Solo

    D5               A5                 B5
The letters from my dad described the war
    G5                D5                       A5
His food was canned, his boots they made him sore
        D5              A5              B5
And one letter from my dad spoke of a friend
        G5                D5             A5
Who got lost between the water and the land

Now I'm the one writing letters to my son
I'll be home as soon as the fightin's done
With my gun in hand I guess it's hard to see
What it was that used to be inside of me

[ Chorus ]

[Guitar Solo]

B5                             F#5
Today we moved in sight of the enemy
           A5                             F#5
Though I didn't even know what they had done
     B5                   F#5                                             
The general yelled to me, when I count to three
A5                             B5  F#5  A5
Get on your feet and start to run

D5             A5            B5
That's the last event I can recall
     G5               D5                 A5
The tent was big but could not hold us all
            D5                 A5               B5
Though I'll never know what got the best of me
  G5               D5                A5
I swear I felt my dad looking over me

[ Chorus - x2 ]

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