Tabbed by AJ C.
Key: E minor

Intro x4: G5 (down then up) D5      C5  D5  G5

C5                               G5
Many times I've been out on the cold lonely road
   C5             D5          G5
My heart full of sorrow and pain
      C5                                G5
And I sing an old familiar song of the place that I belong
        C5              D5             G5
When my mind starts to think of home again

C5                 G5
So many miles and so many roads
D5                                 G5
And people who don't even know my name
C5                  G5
So many times I've looked to western skies
Nowhere I go is quite the same
        C5                      D5
As that sweet home waiting for me
 (intro riff x4)  G5    D5    C5  D5  G5
At the end of the day

C5                              G5
Now my feet grow tired and the wind, it grows wild
        C5    D5              G5
And the road never seems to end
       C5                          G5          
And my mind, it races on from the sunlight, she is gone
            C5            D5       G5
Thoughts of old start to fill my head

[ Chorus ]

         C5                   G5
And it's too much confusion, too many lies
D5                                G5
Too many times my heart has been broken right in two
          C5              G5
I've shed too many tears thinkin' about those times
Cried too many rivers over you

Intro Riff x4

        C5                 G5
Now the light up ahead it means that I am near
        C5         D5                 G5
You can smell the wood smoke in the air
    C5                              G5
And when I go back out again and I long to return to
       C5       D5              G5
My old home, I know she'll be there

[ Chorus ]
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