Tabbed by AJ C.

Key: A Minor


G5     F5     C5     G5 (several times)

Verse 1:
G5                F5          C5       G5
Engine's running hot

G5                    F5      C5       G5
But now it's burnin' down

G5                       F5                C5     G5
Everyone says that this is going well

G5              F5             C5      G5
But I can hear every sound

Four gray walls
Make it all seem right
But everything looks wrong
In these cheap hotel lights


C5                  G5
Going up and down

C5             G5
Down and out

Cheap cologne and expensive perfume
I've never seen so many lost souls in my life
Air so thick, so busy and loud
One crazy young man standing out in the crowd

[ Chorus ]

G5     F5     C5     G5  ( A5 little faster this time)

One of these days when the sun comes up and I'm tossin' and turnin' alone
I'm gonna pull myself up outta this state
I'm gonna make everything seem alright, alright
Know how it feels with the sun in my eyes, still that heartbroken wind's at my door
One of these days I'm gonna wreck myself and this engine won't run no more, no more

[ Chorus (x2) ]

Mandolin riff transcribed:

e | ---10-8----8------------------------------------------------------------- | 
b | --------10----10-8---10-8------------------------------------------------ | 
g | -------------------(b9)-----(b9)7-------------------------------------------- | 
d | ------------------------------5-7---------------------------------------- | 
a | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 

Thanks much
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