G5             F5
Eli Renfro killed his wife
C5                   G5
With a long sharp bowie knife
C5                  D5                G5
Hacked her up and put her in the ground
G5                       F5
Death by hanging was to be his fate
C5              G5
And old Eli filled with hate
C5                          D5
Put a curse on the entire town

           G5               F5
Can't you hear, can't you hear
C5                             G5
When the moon is bright and clear
From time to time
          G5              F5
It's old Eli dragging chains
C5                      D5
And moaning peoples names
       G5                       F5      C5        G5
And I hope and I pray that he never thinks of mine

I was walking the high road late last night
The stars were out and the moon was bright
The wind was blowing you could hear for half a mile
Then an awful sound came through the trees
It chilled my blood and it shook my knees
The kinda thing that makes a man run wild

[ Chorus ]

Well if you get home before I do
Don't look back cause I'm coming through
I'm packing my things and I'm headed far away
They say you can't run away from a curse
Maybe this time I'll be the first
Ain't nobody here gonna make me stay

 Chorus - 
(repeat: and I hope and I pray he never thinks of mine)
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