• Song:

    Fine Excuses

  • Artist:

    Yonder Mountain String Band

  • Album:

    The Show


A5 D5      A5 D5    A5

She is leavin on the fourteenth

Only fifteen more days go

Fine excuses my distraction

Oh I can't wait to see

      G5    D5     A5            G5 D5 A5
The show when she goes

I apologize for nothin'
Regrets far and too few between
Then I backtrack  all one action
Oh I know every word 
Of the show when she goes


     D5         A5
Too late, why bother

     D5          A5
New day, soon begins

     D5                     A5
One foot, in front of the other

        E5                                  G5 D5 A5
What a way, to the beginning of the end

Hangin on too long together
Waitin up too late for me
Burnin heavy burnin all night
O I can't wait to see the show when she goes

Repeat Chorus
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